Keyingham Parish Council meet on the second Wednesday of each month in the Rainbow Room, Village Hall  at 7.30 pm. (Suspended due to Covid 19 virus)

Anyone wishing to discuss a matter with the Parish Council is welcome to speak during the Public Participation

15 minute session which is held at the beginning of the main agenda.


Julia Billaney Parish Clerk 01964 626300 e.mail:


Cllr. David Clark - Chair



Cllr. Jane Kinnear – Vice Chair



Cllr. June Clark



Cllr. David Dooley



Cllr. John Duncan



Cllr. Len Haxby



Cllr. Ray Lawton



Cllr. Jed Lee



Cllr. Lesley Maxwell



Cllr. Mike Sigston



Cllr. Melvyn Smith



Cllr. Ray Thompson



Cllr. Mark Ward



*Keyingham PC currently has a full complement of members and no vacancies.